Who needs Medical Tourism for Hepatitis C Treatment

Save money on Hepatitis C Medical Treatments

Need a knee replacement or hip replacement, getting a rhinoplasty done or need treatment and medication for Hepatitis C and your insurance just wouldn’t cover it? Surgery and medication in the US is expensive and most of the time insurance just wouldn’t cover it. We live in an era where insurance rates are increasing faster than the wages.
So, should you suffer in pain and avoid treatment altogether? The answer is NO, we offer to you Destination Surcation LLC., where your medical needs meet travel to offer you medical tours. Surcation is for anyone who travels abroad and wants to save money on medical treatment.Surcation provides you Medical Tourism for Hepatitis C Treatment where you visit different countries for medical Treatment

Is it Safe?

One might wonder given that the treatment with Surcation costs almost 70% less, will this mean that the quality will suffer?
Just because the treatment is affordableer it doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised in any way. Surcation believes in quality and this medical tour is not about affordable medicine and a holiday; we provide you the best doctors and technology and quality care models, that our destination countries follow to enrich your health tourism. We partner with hospitals and clinics that have the American accreditation JCI. Also we are partnering with the best doctors who are renowned and the best in their field.

How does it work?

Wondering how you go about it? Well, you have already taken the first step, that is  to visit our website. Now all you do is contact us and let us know you know the treatment that you want and the destination you wish to go. We will get back to you with the approximate cost of treatment and surgery, choice of doctors and hospitals, estimated duration of stay, logistical information including accommodation and ground transportation and flight details. If a  visa is required, we will give you a letter of recommendation a  for medical visa. For a little extra we will even take care of the booking for your spouse. We even offer financial help to fund your medical tour.
Once you reach the destination country, you are met up by one of our case executives who takes care of all your needs and acts as your guide when it comes to language, accommodation and arranging aftercare. We also offer a chaffered tour of the city for an added cost.

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