What’s the real risk and Symptoms of Hepatitis Infection

The paranoia among people about hepatitis outbreak is forcing them to get tested. But what are odds that these “at-risk”people will actually get infected?

From dentists who are exposed to their patients, to dessert chefs are petrified by the campaign and generic announcements to “get tested”.
One needs to determine the real risk of contracting hepatitis infection during such alerts instead of panicking. The following pointers aim to solve the purpose.

Real Risk Hepatitis A

Hep A spreads through fecal-oral contact or proximity to the affected person.
It is generally associated with food-borne transmissions. A hep A positive person who is unaware of his condition, working in a food packaging industry can indirectly expose thousands of customers to the virus. This leads to outbreak.

Hep A holds sixth position in the list of commonly infectious disease in the United States. Majority of cases not reported/diagnosed.


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Fatigue, nausea, weight loss, diarrhoea, jaundice, joint pain and vomiting are some of the symptoms of Hep A. They are not experienced by everyone and may last from a week to a month. The rate of infection has remarkably reduced with vaccines, available from 1995, in the United States. Many of the children born since the 90s are immunised against hep A.

Immune globulin shots, if taken within a fortnight of exposure to the virus, guarantee cure to the affected person .
Since it is easily curable, the situation is not so alarming even in the case of outbreak.

The yearly odds of being infected with hep A in U.S. are 1:83,330

Risk of Hepatitis B Infection

HBV is usually transmitted through infected blood or mucus. It is 50-100 times easier to sexually transmit this virus than HIV.
It is imperative to look at the reasons for this infection in order to calculate the real risk during an outbreak.

More often than not, hospitals and dental clinics are the source of prospective outbreak. Use of inappropriately sanitized medical instruments are reasons for the spread of infection. But, according to CDC, only 19 percent of “at-risk” individuals contract this disease in hospitals.

Shockingly, sharing needles for injection drugs constitutes 94 perfect of confirmed cases of hep B. Abstaining from such risky behavior diminishes the the risk factor almost completely.

Since Hepatitis B vaccines are available in the United States from 1981, most infants are vaccinated at birth. The symptoms of hep B are similar to hep A and are mostly cured naturally by the body in nine out of ten cases in three to six months.
1:62,500 is the annual risk of contracting hep B annually in U.S.

Risk of Hepatitis C

At the point when the blood of a man contaminated with Hepatitis C (HCV) is transmitted into the blood of a uninfected individual, the disease spreads. The most effortless routes for Hepatitis C to spread is through direct blood-to-blood contact like:

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Sharing needle and other hardware to infuse drugs :

IDUs or Injection Drug Users who share needles, syringes and so forth are at a gigantic danger of getting the contamination.

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Blood transfusion and Organ Transplant :

People who have gotten blood transfusion or organ transplants preceding July 1992 are in danger, as it is simply after this date boundless screening of blood was started.

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Sexual Contact with a contaminated individual :

Though low, the danger of getting tainted because of unprotected sex with a contaminated individual is still there. This hazard is higher among HIV constructive individuals and in men having intercourse with men (MSM). Sex with more than a trusted accomplice and harsh sex can likewise prompt an expansion in the danger of transmission.

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From a contaminated mother to an unborn tyke :

There is a six percent shot of a tainted mother passing it to the youngster amid pregnancy or conveyance. This further increments when the mother is likewise HIV positive (twofold or triple) or has Hepatitis B or a high HCV Viral Load (the estimation of HCV in a given example of blood). In any case, it is far-fetched that HCV spreads through bosom bolstering or bosom drain.

HCV is commonly transmitted through blood. It is the top most blood borne infection prevalent in the United States with roughly 3.2 million people affected.

The risk of getting infected through blood transfusion has decreased over the past two decades since stringent tests for the virus are followed by the medical community before any transfusion or transplant.

Sexual transmission is reported, although a very low rate, specially in men indulging in sexual activities with men(MSM)

Even if struck by an infected needle or syringe at a medical facility, the chances of contracting HCV are as low as 1.8 percent. Also, according to studies on the topic, 15-25 percent actually get cured naturally without undergoing any treatment.

Sadly, there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C and because of vague symptoms, 90 percent of infected individuals end up with chronic liver disease.

The odds of getting affected by hep C in U.S. are 1:333,300

In the eventuality of contracting HAV, HBV or HCV, one has plenty of alternatives that can help you heal and recuperate even in the most chronic cases.


what are the Symptoms of Hep C ?


Jaundice : This is the most widely recognized side effect, it incorporates yellow eyes and skin alongside dim hued pee.


Stomach torment : As specified over the side effects of this illness done emerge and manifestations incorporate something as basic as stomach torment.


Joint and muscle torment : Muscle and join torment is another basic side effect that most patients endure.


Bothersome Skin : If you have been experiencing irritated skin for more than a month and a half alongside any of the previously mentioned skin please counsel a specialist.Variations from the norm in pee and solid discharge


Loss of craving : Again an exceptionally basic indication that is initiated from an assortment of reasons including stress. Be that as it may, in the event that you experience the ill effects of loss of craving with jaundice and alternate manifestations kindly do yourself checked.


Sickness : Vomiting and squishiness, another normal indication which when consolidated with stomach throb can give a wrong conclusion.


Weariness and Tiredness : Again another manifestation which when went with the over four side effects might be accepted as a delayed consequence of Jaundice. A portion of the early side effects would show itself around six or seven weeks after introduction to this infection.

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