What is Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is caused from HCV virus.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by Hepatitis C Virus or HCV. The disease damages liver and in several cases the liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis C can either be Acute or Chronic.

Acute Hepatitis C endures a brief span and happens inside the initial 6 months of presentation to the Hep C infection. At times, the body can dispose of the infection all alone. If not, the contamination will get to be distinctly interminable.

Chronic Hepatitis C is dreadful and enduring. For the vast majority with Hepatitis C (75%-85%), an acute infection gets to be distinctly endless. Chronic infection can be cured in more than 90% of the cases and in some cases where there is liver cirrhosis is extreme a transplant is required.

There are further 2 sorts of hepatitis: A and B. Hepatitis A, B, and C all cause irritation or swelling of the liver, yet each is an alternate infection. Vaccines are available for Hepatitis A and B, but there is no immunization for Hepatitis C.

Nearly 3.5 million people suffer from this disease in the US alone. Nearly 70% to 80% of the acute infection cases do not display any sort of symptoms at all. This disease is termed as the silent or invisible disease because there aren’t any symptoms in a mojrity of cases and even if there is the symptoms are rather common.


The symptoms of this disease aren’t as prominent as most and it causes very few symptoms leading to late detection. Symptoms are mild and flu like and can be misread as just a mild cold or flu. It includes fatigue, joint pain, fever, muscle pain, jaundice or yellowing of skin and eyes, dark urine, itchy skin, nausea and poor appetite to name a few. These flu like symptoms may go undetected and can manifest itself as early as six to seven weeks from exposure to the virus.

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Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Package India

We have put together is a complete turnkey package that will give everyone in need the ability to travel to India and receive their health changing medication. The trip is 7 days and all-inclusive except for lunch and dinner meals.

The package includes the following:

  1.  A round trip flight from the USA, Canada, or Latin American countries to Mumbai, India from their nearest international airport. (If the traveler requires an additional flight to an international airport that fee will be added). Travelers will be required to obtain their own passports and Indian Tourist Visa in advance of purchasing their airline tickets. We can assist in this process.
  2.  Personal pick-up at the airport and transportation to their executive suite hotel.
  3.  Pre-set medical appointments with a Doctor of Hepatology be arranged and their transportation to and from the hotel with a personal guide is included.
  4.  The doctors fee and blood work are all included. An MRI will be included if needed.
  5. The 84-day supply of either Sofosbuvir+Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir as required for the patient’s genotype of HEP C is included and given to the patient after the physician’s examination. They will also receive a prescription from the Doctor.
  6.  They will be driven back to their hotel until their return flight at which transportation is provided.
  7.  A personalized itinerary will be presented to each client including items they may wish to bring with them. They may have the extra time to explore Mumbai India and enjoy the genuine hospitality of the Indian people. We refer to this as a “Medical Adventure” because India is a place that you have to experience to believe. The food is amazing, traffic is unbelievable and the sights and sounds will be memorable for a lifetime. If wanted, we will arrange for the clients can get a chauffeured automobile for an 8-hour day costing around $20.00.
  8.  A full buffet breakfast will be included for each day while at the hotel. Additional meals will the responsibility of the traveler. The hotel offers 24-hour room service. The concierge service is similar to that found in 5 star hotels in the USA. The hotels attention to detail and the multitude of extras, daily newspapers, all bathroom supplies, blow-dryer, iron, and refrigerator will make the guests not want to leave. Laundry service is also available at a very low cost. The rooms are also equipped with large flat screen TV’s and cable service.

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Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes

An important variable for all patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) is that the “genotype” of HCV with that they’re infected. this can be the strain of the virus to that they were exposed after they were infected, typically a few years before their analysis, and it’s determined by an easy biopsy. HCV genotupes are genetically distinct form of virus that have arisen throughout its evolution. Around 75% of American citizens with HCV have genotype one of the virus (subtypes 1a or 1b), and remaining 25% have genotypes 2 or three, with little numbers of patients infected with genotypes four, 5, or 6. Most patients with HCV virus are generally found to own just one principal genotype, instead of multiple genotypes. Genotype 4 is commonly seen in the Africa, whereas genotype 6 is popular in Southeast Asia. Each area of the world has its own distribution of genotypes.

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Hepatitis C Medication & Treatment Cost

There is no vaccine for Hepatitis C but there is research underway. The newest drug Harvoni® and Sovaldi are the most effective in curing Hepatitis C and preventing a liver transplant. The drug though is extremely expensive costly and not affordable to most.
Destination Surcation® offers a 7-day package that includes a round trip flight from the USA, Canada, or Latin American countries to Mumbai, India from their nearest international airport. We take care of everything from the blood work to hospital stay, doctor bills along with the medication. Our services extend even after your 7-day trip; we offer you 84-day supply of either Sofosbuvir and Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir and Daclatasvir (with prescription) depending on the patient’s genotype of Hep C.

A lot of time and consideration went into finding the right medical facility and doctors. The best accommodations we could find and the transportation guides to make the clients feel extremely secure.

The price for the whole package is as follows,

$6,800 for one person.
Or  $6,400 to include a companion.

We will also offer financing assistance if needed. We welcome any additional suggestions you might have. Also, we will encourage all of the clients to participate with the Imperial Medical College in London to achieve the needed information for assurance of their generic program.


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