All About Veterans and Hepatitis C?

Veterans Health Administration (VHA) undertakes care of veterans affected with Hepatitis C virus.
More than 5 percent of U.S. veterans are infected with chronic hep C that is almost triple the rate of the general population affected by Hepatitis C virus.
Many of the cases go undiagnosed.

HCV-related liver cirrhosis and liver cancer is on a rise among veterans.

The mortality rates due to hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) are also alarming.

Liver transplant is a solution in such cases but only a fraction of the procedure performed is approved by VHA. The physicians advice their patients to opt for private insurance to cover the transplant costs outside the system.

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Veterans with the highest risks for hep C are the ones who served during the Vietnam War era.
Alcohol, substance abuse, being homeless are some of the factors that caused the infection in the war veterans.

The cause for this alarming percentage of infected veterans can be attributed to their military exposure. Significant studies have established that the use of air guns for immunisations has led to this precarious condition. The air guns are needle less medical devices that use high pressure fluid to penetrate the skin and often transmit some amount of blood with them, thus aiding transmission of HCV.

Exposure to blood during wars is a strong reason for one to get checked for the virus.
It is imperative for the veterans to inform the medical providers about any such instances.

The VHA has made remarkable progress to improve the health conditions of veterans, specially HCV-positive ones. The virus testing is easily available to those who want to avail it. Treatment of hep C is not limited to any Medicare or private insurance policies for veterans. The VHA provides extensive support to the veteran community regardless of the enormity of the infection.


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