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Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Thailand

Thailand has been the land of smiles, where tourist flock in millions. In the year 2009 alone, nearly 89% of the worlds medical tourist travelled to Thailand, Singapore and India with Thailand taking the larger share. Thailand has some of the best medical facilities and the growing infrastructure and the latest technology in medicine has ensured that there is a 20% jump in medical tourist in 2011 as compared to 2010.
When it comes to service there is no one to beat the graceful and attentive service of Thailand and that makes treatment and after treatment rest an absolute bliss in this region. Watching the sun do down on some beach in Phuket post your orthopedic surgery. Relaxing in the white sandy beaches knowing the fact that you saved money in surgery as well as nabbed a vacation, that is priceless.Surcation is the American Tourism Company that Provides Medical Health and wellness Facilities for Hepatitis C Treatment Thailand.

Destination Surcation® LLC – Hepatitis C Health Care

Destination Surcation® is founded by Keith and Kim Salvato who have a vast experience in hospitality and accounting respectively. Our founders aimed to filled the void in the medical system and provide affordable medicines and treatments to our clients. We see that there is ample of service abroad and we have partnered with JCI accredited hospitals around the world. We aim to provide you treatment that matches American standards and be affordable at the same time. We understand the importance of family and hence we are always happy when your spouse or partner accompany you for a treatment and we do this for a very reasonable rate.

We Care – Cure Hepatitis C

We believe at putting the client at ease and from the minute you contact us we getting the wheels in motion and work on your behalf. We start with an approximate cost of treatment, hospital and list of doctors, expected duration of stay, on ground transport, accommodation, and flight tickets. We would be glad if your spouse accompanies you and offer to book their tickets too for a very meager cost. Once you reach your destination we have a case executive who takes care of accommodation, translation and after treatment care while you relax and recuperate while enjoying the beautiful sunset with your spouse in some beach in Thailand.

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