Stigma and Hepatitis C

Lack of information, unawareness, and the infectious nature of Hepatitis C have, sadly contributed to the stigma associated with it, effecting jobs and relationships. The unfounded fear of hepatitis C spreading through physical contact or shared glasses leads to people having the disease being shunned and made to feel ashamed. Hepatitis C is also linked to drug abuse.

Ignorance and general apathy to drug users adds to the stigma. Though there are several ways in which one can be infected with the hepatitis C virus, the common assumption is that one who has hepatitis C must be injecting drugs.

The stigma associated with hepatitis C not only damages self esteem, but also causes depression, impairs mental health, reduces social support and at times, access to health care. Stigma: Hepatitis C and Drug Abuse by Astone-Twerell, Strauss, and Munoz-Plaza describes the damage which may be caused by this shunning or isolation from main stream society .

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How to deal with the stigma

  • Build awareness: By spreading awareness about hepatitis C, preconceived ideas about its causes and how it spreads can be destroyed.
  • Find support: Support groups provide both emotional aid and a forum for sharing fears and concerns.
  • Bring Change:Use social media platforms like Facebook to share knowledge about treatment, diet, health plans. Become a part of the Hepatitis Awareness Month.
  • Become vocal: Voice your opinion if persons with hepatitis C are being discriminated against or boycotted. Petition media, politicians, law makers for effective changes.
  • Face up to the stigma: Stand up to those who try cast a slur or shame people with hepatitis C. A single person can make a difference.


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