Services and Treatment

At Destination Surcation® LLC, provide a plethora of services for our clients. The minute you contact us we get the wheels in motion and start with finding a list of hospitals and doctors for you. Here is a short list of the services that we offer.

About Medical tourism

Medical tourism is an upcoming and booming industry. We at Destination Surcation®, realized this early and partnered with world class hospitals and doctors around the world to provide our clients with the best facilities and treatment.

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Who needs Medical Tourism

Surcation® is for anyone who travels abroad and wants to save money on medical treatment. Surcation® believes in quality and this medical tour is not about affordable medicine and a holiday; we provide you the best doctors and technology and quality care models, that our destination countries follow to enrich your health tourism.

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Medical Tourism Process

Contact us and let us know you know the treatment that you want and the destination you wish to go. We will get back to you with the approximate cost of treatment and surgery, choice of doctors and hospitals, estimated duration of stay, logistical information including accommodation and ground transportation and flight details.

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Medical Tourism Survey

Would you consider a surgery or treatment outside the US if the following conditions applied?
Best in class healthcare
JCI accredited hospital
World renowned surgeons and doctors
State-of-the-art equipment and technology
After treatment care in a 4-star hotel
Savings from 40% to 70%

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Psychology of a Medical Tourist

Most medical tourist get cold feet before they complete the process. This is generally because of lack of information. We want you be to an informed patient and that is why communication is key to us.

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Medical Tourism Accommodations

Destination Surcation® ensures that you are accommodated is some of the best 4 star hotels in the region. These hotels have all modern amenities including 24-hrs room service, concierge, low cost laundry service, cable and Wi-Fi to name a few.

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Medical Tourism Air Travel

We offer you travel with some of the best airlines that travel to your preferred destination. The itinerary is worked out to match your requirements and on what time suits you best. The dates of travel will be decided by you and we will do the bookings for you.

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Digitizing Medical Documents

To get an accurate assessment of the treatment we would need all your medical records. We get your x-rays digitalized by an independent service provider making it convenient to carry around.

Medical Financing

You could finance this medical adventure using your credit card or your savings. We also have some excellent financing options.

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Medical Travel Guide

We assign you with a personal case executive who would take care of any issues that you would have in the destination country of your treatment. In the US we are just a phone call away, contact us via phone or mail and we will get back to you in record time.

Passport/Visa Assistance

As a medical tourist you will need a valid passport. If the country, you are visiting requires a visa we will help you recommendation letter for a medical visa.

Medical Tourism Payment Options

You can pay us via personal check, cashier’s check or money order. We also accept all major credit and debit cards.

Medical Traveler Communications

Our Case executive will help you get a local number or alternatively help you procure international calling cards or internet cafe. All the hotels that we partner with do have Wi-Fi so you can always be in touch with your family via skype.

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Medical Traveler Vaccinations

In order to avoid unnecessary illness, we at Destination Surcation® insist that our clients get the required vaccines for the countries that they are visiting.

Medical Travel Necessities

We give you an itinerary of all the documents and items that you need to carry with you on this medical tour. These includes things like AC power converter and power adapters.

Medical Travel Tips

We wish you a safe and healthy trip and hence we have a short list of dos and don’ts. Like carry all travel documents and medical records. Organize things at home for a relaxed trip.

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Medical Travel Tools

Download the latest currency calculator or conversion calculator on your phone. Learn a few local words and set your clock to the destination time.

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