Quality of Care

Reputed Hospitals and Doctors

We have partnered with world renowned hotels, hospitals and doctors; for example, in Mumbai, India who specialize in treating Hepatitis C. We offer you the best in hotel rooms and services to ensure that you get the best treatment and relaxation available.
America offers some of the best quality treatment in the world but at the same time it is one of the costliest. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of medicines like Harvoni®, an effective drug for the treatment of Hepatitis C, that costs around $94,500.
Destination Surcation® LLC, aims at providing affordable treatment and medication for anyone who is ready to travel abroad or within the US. But why trust the care and treatment abroad? Will it be safe? Will they follow the highest standards? Do these questions bother you? Destination Surcation® LLC has all the answers for you.

Safety, Transparency and Affordability

Surcation® is a certified medical tourism specialist and a member of the Medical Tourism Association. The co-founder of Surcation®, Keith Salvato has vast experience in Medical tourism. We have partnered with hospitals and clinics which have American Accreditation, JCI(Joint Commision International). As members of MTA, transparency and safety are our number one priority and that is why we have on board doctors who are the best in their fields. We take care of everything from hotel accommodation to hospitals bills, bloodwork, doctors’ appointments and also the medication that is required along with a roundtrip ticket from North or South America to the destination of your choice.

Medical Adventure

We don’t want our clients to just have a treatment but enjoy the beauty of the destination of their choice. What is a vacation without your spouse or partner? That’s why we at Surcation® arrange for your spouse or partner to accompany you for a meager cost. You will save up to 70% on your treatments, and can put that savings to good use by taking your spouse or partner to the destination of your choice. There is nothing like enjoying the sunset on a beach in Thailand after your treatment or why not take the spiritual path and visit a temple or two in India after your Hepatitis C treatment.

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