Psychology of a Medical Tourist

Psychology of a Medical Tourist About Hepatitis C Health Care Tourism

Choosing medical tourism is one of the most difficult decisions a person has to take. Most medical tourists get cold feet before they complete the process. A study says that nearly 85% of the people who contemplate about medical tourism and start research never go through with it. This is generally because of lack of information. We want you be to an informed patient and that is why communication is important to us. While your physical well-being is important with medical tourism your emotional well-being plays an important part too. The fear of the unknown, in this case foreign travel and treatment, plays havoc in the minds of possible medical tourists.

One goes through a wide array of questions before they come out with the answer and decide that they are ready for medical tourism. America is costly when it comes to medicines and most insurances don’t cover the treatment or medicine cost; for example, most don’t cover the cost of Hepatitis C medicine that costs nearly $95,000 or a dental treatment like braces can cost up to $6000.
Destination Surcation® LLC, tries to put all your doubts to rest in the first conversation itself. Here is how we go about it.Surcation Provides you best Medical tourism services for Hepatitis  C

General information

We start by knowing you and what treatment you are looking for. Once you are able to finalize the location we get the wheels in motion.

Doctors and hospitals

We offer you a list of the hospitals and doctors in the region of your choice who will get the surgery/ treatment done. We give you a brief about the doctor and hospital to help you choose.


We ask that you provide the copies of your bloodwork etc. to the hospital. If you have x-rays we have an independent service provider digitalize your x-rays and mail to the doctor. After this we give you an estimation of the cost of treatment.
We aim to put you at ease and ‘you first’ is our policy and hence we do all the flight bookings and appointments to suit your schedule. With Destination Surcation® you can be assured that you will receive the highest value for the  money and the bookings that  will be made to match your schedule!

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