All About Pregnancy and Hepatitis C?

Testing for Hepatitis C is not mandatory for pregnant ladies and is generally not requested.

However, it is advisable to go in for the tests if they have risk factors.

An HCV-positive pregnant woman may pass on the virus to her baby.
The chances of such cases is 6 percent.

On an average, U.S. reports almost 4,000 fresh cases of Hepatitis C virus every year.

If the pregnant women is co-infected with HIV, the chances of transmission increases two to three times over.

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HCV transmission occurs at the time of birth. There are no means to prevent it and unfortunately there are no medical interventions against pregnancy of HCV-positive women. HCV does not influence the delivery method (vaginal or cesarean) in a pregnant women.

Such patients need to take liver function test periodically which may show variation.
Viral load (HCV RNA) test can be done only post delivery if recommended.

Infants born with HCV show no symptoms and have a normal childhood. There is no risk involved in breastfeeding. Good nipple care is advised and mother should not feed the child if her nipples are cracked or bleeding.

There is rarely any treatment prescribed for HCV during pregnancy for fear of potential harm to be caused to the foetus. A treatment using Ribavarin is definitely not prescribed. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has set stringent rules for the manufacturers to put a warning on specific medicines containing ribavarin.

In extreme conditions, treatment is advised if the potential benefit justifies the risk taken.

Consult your healthcare provider about protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancy. If you are on Viekira Pak, taking contraceptives containing ethical estradiol can prove hazardous.
So it is advisable to take preventive measures and enjoy a healthy life.


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