Orthopedic Surgeries Abroad

Suffering from a bad knee or hip? Are you in need of knee or hip-replacement? Dreading the cost of the procedure? Why not get the surgery done in Germany or Hungary at almost half the cost and in some of the best hospitals? Destination Surcation® partners with JCI accredited doctors to offer you the best treatment and surgeries.

Knee-replacement in Latin America

Why put up with painful knees when you can opt for a replacement surgery. A knee replacement surgery can cost anywhere between $45,000 to $60,000. Don’t let the cost deter you, don’t put up with the pain choose a knee replacement in Mexico and you spend just a fourth of the cost, plus you get to holiday abroad. The best part a minimal invasive surgery will cost you just a fraction of what it would cost you in the US. Get in touch with the best doctors, go doctor shopping and then decide whom you want to get treated with. The best part you get the best rooms for the price and get treated like royalty while you recover.

Hip replacement and other orthopedic procedures

Not only Latin America but places like India, Thailand and Malaysia too are great options for hip and similar surgeries. Not only does the cost of the surgery with travel cost a fraction, you get the best surgeries with the latest technologies, the best in class doctors and hospitals.
The best part about the surgeries abroad is the fact that you get to vacation and safe at the same time. You are treated as royalty in the destination of surgery and you have a case executive with you to attend to each and every one of your requirement. Don’t let the pain in your knee and hip stop you from climbing a mountain or surfing or skiing, just contact us and we will even help you financing your treatment. Happy health to you!

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