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Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Mexico

Mexico is not just the busting business hub but is also the preferred location for medical tourism in North America. Here at the land of the rising sun is a multi-faceted medical hub that has a growing number of medical professionals and health care related companies from all over the world. With its fantastic infrastructure and internationally accredited hospitals it is not difficult to see why Mexico is one of the preferred choices when it comes to medical tourism.Assisted living and nursing care facility for senior citizens for Hepatitis C in Mexico by Surcation® – Medical tourism company USA.

Assisted living in Mexico

Those of us who are considering Mexico as a lower-cost retirement destination will find it reassuring to know there are a growing number of assisted living and nursing care facility options south of the border. Many of these offer high-quality and affordable care with all the other benefits of living in Mexico: good weather, beautiful places to live in and visit, fresh wholesome food, and caring people. Mexican culture is very different to that of the US and Canada with respect to attitudes about elderly care: the regard for elders is present everywhere. Multi-generational families living together are the norm here. Most elderly Mexicans live with (or very near) their families until the end of their lives. The warmth and level of genuine caring is surprising to many foreigners who are accustomed to perfunctory treatment dispensed within institutional settings.

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Destination Surcation: The Ultimate choice for Hepatitis C Medical Tours

Wondering how you go about it? Well, you have already taken the first step that is visit our website. Now all you do is contact us and let us know you know the treatment that you want and the destination you wish to go. We will get back to you with the approximate cost of treatment and surgery, choice of doctors and hospitals, estimated duration of stay, logistical information including accommodation and ground transportation and flight details. If visa is required, we will give you a letter of recommendation for medical visa. For a little extra we will even make bookings for your spouse. We even offer financial help to fund your medical tour.
Once you reach the destination country, you are met up by one of our case executives who takes care of all your needs and acts as your guide when it comes to language, accommodation and arranging aftercare. We also offer a chaffered tour of the city for an added cost.

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