Medical Travel Tips – Cure Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Medical travelers survival guide

Travelling abroad for that all important treatment or surgery? Here is a refined list of things to do before to board the flight to your life changing treatment.You are provided with all medical aids and a guide before you proceed to any other country for Hepatitis C Health Care Treatment.


Keep your passport and tickets safe. Scan and keep a copy saved in your email, just for emergencies. In a mobile phone era it is important that you save some numbers on your email too, just in case you lose your mobile. The same applies to your credit and debit cards.


Do not carry all your valuables and cash in one bag. Split it among your bags to ensure that you have something with you in case you are robbed.


Organize and carry all of your medical documents. Get them scanned and ensure you have a copy of the same on your email.


Some countries expect you to be vaccine for diseases like Yellow fever etc. before you land. Ensure that you get all the required vaccines well before you board the flight.


To ensure a relaxed treatment it is essential that your home front is well taken care of. Ensure that there is someone to pick mail, pay bills and water your plants.


Find the currency you need and the approximate exchange rate so that you don’t get a raw deal.

Stay in touch

During such treatments, even if you have your spouse to accompany you it is good to stay in touch with people back home, be it friends, co-workers or your kids. Carry an address book with a list of numbers and get a local number or international calling card.

Small bottles

If you are carrying shampoo, conditioner etc. in your carry-on bag it is better to use smaller bottles that are waterproof and see-through. This is more from a security point of view at airports.


Ask a lot of questions, we at Destination Surcation® LLC, are here to answer all your questions about your trip, treatment and arrangement. Once you are in your destination we will also assign a case executive to act as your translator, guide and help you with after treatment care.
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