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Save upto 70% of your Medical bills with Medical tourism. Surcation® provides affordable healthcare solutions abroad.

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Surcation® is already helping patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Harvoni® with medical tourism. We have put together is a complete turnkey package that will give everyone in need the ability to travel to India and receive their health changing medication.


Dental care is expensive and dental surgeries can burn a hole in your pocket. Contact us and we will offer you the surgery at the best clinics and at unbeatable rates.


We at Surcation® have partnered with some of the greatest plastic surgeons around the world who offer top notch services and the best part is that you only pay a fraction of what you would have to pay in the US.


In need of a knee or hip replacement? You can choose the destination you want to vacation at and rehab after your surgery done there.

Hepatitis C Treatment – Health and Wellness Tourism

Medical tourism is an upcoming and booming industry. We at Surcation®, realized this early and partnered with world class hospitals and doctors around the world to provide our clients with the best facilities and treatment. We ensure that the treatments are the newest and latest technology is used at the same time making sure it is affordable to our clients.
Medical care and treatment is expensive in the America, which is why Surcation® aims to fill the void with some of the services it offers. Excellent treatment is provided in countries like India, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of Medical Tourism

Speciality Treatment

Many patients travel abroad simply to avail of speciality healthcare treatment that is not available to them in their own country.

Leisure Destinations

We aim at offering some of the most exotic locations to our clients as we want them to have a medical adventure and not just be there for treatment.

No Waiting Period

Another advantage of medical tourism is the immediate access to health care services. Most of the procedures we offer may be done in less than a month.

Low Treatment Cost

Surgery and medication in the Americas is a costly affair, while in countries like India, Thailand. offer the same state-of-art treatment, medication at a quarter of the price

Medical Adventure

We prefer to use the term “Medical Adventure” in place of tourism because we want our clients to have enjoy  an exotic location  while they are receiving their treatment. We offer a complete package that includes round-trip transportation from North America and Latin America to the destination of your chosen destination for treatment or surgery, your hospital and medical bills. We even offer a guided tour around the city you are staying for a small cost.

We place our clients in the comforts of a beautiful 4-star hotel with the most  amenities. The hotels we choose have modern amenities like Wi-FI, low cost laundry services and a 24-hour concierge just like in the US. We deal with hospitals in exotic locations in Asia namely Thailand, India, Taiwan, Malaysia and Mexico as well as Europe and the Americas. Just pack your bags and leave for the destination that you wish to vacation.  We schedule your surgery and treatment in that very destination.

Cost Effective

Medication in the America is an expensive affair, but Surcation® ensures that you enjoy your vacation post-surgery or treatment at a fraction of the cost. Family means a lot to us and that is why we have wonderful offers where your spouse or partner can accompany you at a very small cost. Relax and recuperate post-surgery or treatment and enjoy the sights and beauty of your vacation spot. The cost is a fraction of that of the US and let us take care of the booking and your medical care.Surcation Provides you cost effective Medical Tourism for Hepatitis C treatment

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