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Air Travel facilities for Hepatitis C Treatment

We will book  your travel through of the best airlines that travel to your preferred destination. The itinerary is worked out to match your requirements and on what time suits you best. The dates of travel will be decided by you and we will do the bookings for you.Precisely Surcation provides you best air travel facilities while Medical Tourirsm for Hepatitis C

Destination Surcation® LLC – Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Company

Once you contact us and let us know the destination of your treatment we get the ball rolling. We start with getting a list of hospitals and doctors for the treatment that you want. Once you decide when you want to travel we start looking for the best flights for the round trip flight from the USA, Canada, or Latin American countries to the nearest international airport to your preferred destination.
As your facilitator we look at the best flight options that will offer you the most relaxed and comfortable travel. We would advise you to obtain a passport and get the required visa before we book your tickets. If the destination of your choice has a visa requirement, we will supplement the required application and recommendation letter for a medical visa.
All you do is get your passport and visa ready and pack your bags and we take care of you from there on.

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