Medical Tourism Accommodations for Hepatitis C Treatment

Tourist Class Hotels

A hotel accommodation is one of the most essential requirements after the hospital and doctor to any medical tourist. No one wants to stay in dingy rooms with no facilities in the name of medical tourism.Surcation provides you best accomodation facilities during medical tourism for Hepatitis C Treatment

What we do?

Destination Surcation® believes that you should get the best treatment, service and accommodation. We ensure that you are accommodated is some of the best 4 star hotels in the region. These hotels have all modern amenities including 24-hrs room service, concierge, low cost laundry service, cable and Wi-Fi to name a few. We have a case executive to take care of all your needs from the time you land in the medical tourism destination. Our executive will work as a translator and guide and also help you with accommodation and after treatment recuperation. If you intend to do a little sight-seeing around the city the case executive will even retain for you a chauffeured vehicle at very reasonable cost.

How to go about with it?

Just contact us, we will get back to you with an approximate cost, of treatment and surgery, choice of doctors and hospitals, estimated duration of stay, logistical information including accommodation and ground transportation and flight details. If visa is required, we will give you a letter of recommendation for medical visa. Let your spouse accompany you to this medical tour at a very reasonable rate. We even offer financial help to fund your medical tour.

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