Hepatitis C Treatment Latin America

Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Latin America

Latin America offers some of the best medical options when it comes to cosmetic and dental surgeries. While no one can beat the cosmetic surgeons in Brazil,Mexico  is the preferred choice when it comes to dentistry and orthopedic surgeries. Choosing a surgery in Latin America offers a saving anywhere between 40% and 70% and at that same time you can grab a vacation.

Get that knee replacement surgery or those dental implants and treat yourself to the natural and cultural experience of Latin America. Recover and recuperate in some of the best recovery facilities that offer a conducive and supportive environment.

Destination Surcation® believes in quality and this medical tour is not just about affordable medicine and a holiday; we provide you the best doctors and technology and quality care models, that our destination countries follow to enrich your health tourism. We partner with hospitals and clinics that have the American accreditation JCI. Also we are partnering with the best doctors who are renowned and the best in their field.Surcation provides Hepatitis C Treatment With Medical Health Care Tourism in Latin America

Hepatitis C Medical Tourism South America

Why chose a surgery outside of US and go to South America? Well, the  US is a hub for medicine but it also the costliest. There are several countries around the world that offer affordableer and equally effective treatment.

Brazil is one of the leading medical tourism hubs in south America. Looking good is very important in this country. It doesn’t come as a shock that Brazil is the home to largest number of plastic surgeons and the most renowned and sought after ones at that. Plastic surgery is a serious business here and you get it done in a hospital and not in clinics or offices. A surgery in Brazil is 60% affordableer than Western countries and you get the most skilled doctors to do it.

Why Destination Surcation LLC

Destination Surcation® LLC., is a certified medical tourism specialist and we are also an esteemed member of the MTA (Medical Tourism Association). In all our destinations we work with hospitals and clinic that are internationally accredited by JCI or Joint Commission International. We are associated with some of the top doctors around the world who are well-known and a celebrity in their fields.

How it works?

Just contact us, we will get back to you with an approximate cost, of treatment and surgery, choice of doctors and hospitals, estimated duration of stay, logistical information including accommodation and ground transportation and flight details. If visa is required, we will give you a letter of recommendation for medical visa. What is the fun in a cosmetic surgery without your spouse by your side, that’s why we offer to take your spouse/ partner along for a little extra. We even offer financial help to fund your medical tour. Once you reach south America, our case executive meets up with you and he/she takes care of all your needs. All you need to do is pack your bags, get your spouse along and embark on this beautiful journey.

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