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We created Surcation® with the aim of filling the void in The North and South American health care and provide world-class treatment and medicines at affordable rates. We providing dental, orthopedic, cosmetic treatment and surgery along with treatment and surgery for hepatitis C. We also have a pharmaceutical branch that takes care of all medical requirements. From Airline tickets to hospital and aftercare we take care of everything.

Surcation® was conceived to fill this void and help patients whose insurance cannot cover treatment and avoid a transplant or any serious surgery in treating Hepatitis C. We started medical tourism with a view to help our fellow Americans get the much needed medication and treatment at a fraction of the cost. We call it medical adventure because we are sending our clients on a journey, on an adventure where they enjoy the sights and beauty of an exotic location while regaining health.

Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism has been growing over the last 10 years and we had the insight and machanics in place help our clients today. Several people whose insurances cannot cover certain procedures are choosing us. People who need simple dental surgeries chose us because we offer some of the best exotic destinations and high-end stays while also covering the cost of surgery. The best part is you get treated by some of the best surgeons in the world and at the best hospitals around the world at a fraction of the cost. So, why not get a liposuction on a vacation? Or maybe get the much needed knee-replacement done maybe in Thailand or Taiwan or India.

Why Choose Surcation LLC

We are a Certified Medical Tourism Specialist company and offer a plethora of destinations that include North and South America, Europe and several countries in Asia. Once you contact us with the destination you have in mind the surgery or treatment that you require we start working on your behalf and get your bookings done. Get your spouse to accompany you for a little extra fee.
We cover everything from your airline tickets, your hospital bills, your hotel stay, even your medication. Best of all even before you land in your medical adventure destination you will have a preset appointment with the finest doctors to consult with. We want you to relax because we have providing you with transportation to and from your hotel, And to and from the hospital. Unwind by enjoying the sights and sounds of your destination post treatment.

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