All About HIV and Hepatitis C co-infectionC?

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) affects the immune system of the body and leads to deadly infections known as opportunistic infections.

HCV (Hepatitis C Virus) is a disease that infects the liver and my lead to complicated conditions.
People infected with HIV are at a greater risk of Hepatitis C.

HIV can worsen Hepatitis C as it increases the risk of liver damage.

Hepatitis C is passed from the blood of an infected person into the blood of the uninfected.

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Being infected increases the odds of getting Hepatitis C transmitted sexually.

Women infected by Injection Drug Users (IDU) can pass on the infection to their infants through pregnancy.
Breast feeding may increase the risk of HCV transmission if the mother is infected with both.

It is advisable to get the blood tests done in case of any of the below eventualities-

  1. Injected illegal drugs

  2. Received blood from a donor who was later diagnosed with HCV

  3. Have had multiple sexual partners

  4. Have got a tattoo or piercing done in an unprofessional environment

  5. Have an HIV positive mother

Generally, the symptoms of the infection are hard to perceive.
Fatigue, loss of appetite and nausea are some of them.
However, it is easier to diagnose HCV as HIV infected patients undergo a mandatory liver enzymes tests every 3-6 months.

Co-infected people need to select HIV medicines carefully as they have higher risk of liver damage leading to cirrhosis.
Strong immune response of HIV patients can overpower HCV in some cases.
A combination of drugs are prescribed to treat this condition.
Duration of treatment depends on the patient’s HCV genotype, extent of liver damage and prior history of infection.
There is always a possibility of re infection in HIV patients.

Early diagnosis results in effective treatment and proper cure of Hepatitis C in HIV patients.


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