Hepatitis C Treatment-Naive Recommendations

The aim of treating Hepatitis C is to cure the patient. It can be done using a combination of drugs. A lot of factors determine the length and the number of medications required for treatment. These include the genotype, patient on transplant list or not, lab tests, past history etc. Many approved therapies to treat HCV are also available like Harvoni, Daklinza etc. The virus becomes undetectable in the blood within 4 – 12 weeks of treatment and continues to do so till the treatment is on. People can be thought of as cured if the undetected status remains the same even 12 – 24 weeks on completion of treatment.
There are many recommendations for the medicines available by the AASLD, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. There are suggestions also for not using particular medicines for the treatment. For instance, Sovaldi + ribavirin for 24 weeks. Details can be explained by your doctor.
African Americans seem to be less responsive to HCV treatment. It could be their genes too. The newer medicines, however claim an equal effect on all races.


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