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If you feel that you are at risk of infection of Hepatitis C, then the next step would be to test yourself for the same. The test is conducted in three parts. The first stage is the HCV antibody test to check if you are at risk of exposure to the virus. Next is the viral load test, to ascertain if there has been only an exposure or if you have been actually infected with it. If this is confirmed, then the third test is conducted to do the genotyping to know what type of Hepatitis C you have.

  • HCV Antibody Testing: Diagnosis begins with an antibody test. The antibodies to HCV are detected in the blood within two to three months of the virus entering your body. If a person is positive for antibodies, it implies that he or she has had the virus in the past. Around 15-25% of the patients are able to clear the virus from their bodies within six months usually. If recently infected, antibodies may not be formed yet, making it necessary for a viral load test.


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  • HCV Viral Load Testing: A qualitative HCV RNA determines the presence of the virus in the person’s bloodstream whereas a quantitative one will calculate the amount of HCV in a person’s blood. The different methods used to find out HCV RNA are TMA (transcription-mediated amplification), PCR (polymerase chain reaction), and bDNA (branched DNA). The first ones are more sensitive than the third.
    It is an important lab test and though it cannot predict if the person will get cirrhosis or liver failure, it can gauge the time required for treatment. It is also used to test the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • HCV Genotypic Testing: The genetic structure or makeup of a living organism is its genotype. There are seven different types of genotypes for HCV that are numbered according to their discovery. Each genotype has its own subtypes that are lettered according to their discovery. The type of genotype is crucial as it decides the length and the type of treatment; it also predicts the chances of curing the HCV.
    Across the world, genotype 1 is the most common accountable for about 46% of the cases. In the US, 75% of the infected are genotype 1; types 2, 3 and 4 are less common and other types very rare.


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