Hepatitis C Related Issues In USA

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Dealing with Your Hepatitis C Diagnosis

Feeling frightened, confused, angry, depressed, or even grieved when one is diagnosed with hepatitis C is natural. More so if one is feeling healthy at that moment.Life suddenly appears bleak and uncertain.

Hepatitis C Diagnosis

Stigma and Hepatitis C

Lack of information, unawareness, and the infectious nature of Hepatitis C have, sadly contributed to the stigma associated with it, effecting jobs and relationships.

Stigma and Hepatitis C

Depression and Hepatitis C

Psychologically speaking, depression is a disorder where the mind is overwhelmed by the feeling of sadness and grief that may manifest in the form of physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms.

Depression and Hepatitis C

Disclosing Your Hepatitis C Status

Some questions that arise when diagnosed with hepatitis C are related to disclosure: who, what, when, how? Though the choice is personal, not informing some people may lead to moral or legal complications at a later date.

Hepatitis C Status

Hepatitis C in the Workplace

Unless it hinders one’s ability to work, it is not mandatory to disclose HCV status to current or prospective employers. Sharing information about one’s hepatitis C condition is not necessary, except where the employment is at risk.

Hep C in the Workplace

End-of-Life Issues and Hepatitis C

Despite of treatment and cure of hepatitis C becoming easier thanks to the new anti viral drugs being developed, complete eradication isn’t feasible. Even with treatment, there is always the risk of developing liver cirrhosis, thus fear death.

End of Life Issues

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