All About Hepatitis C and men who have sex with men?

Men having sex with men (MSM) are at a higher risk of Hepatitis C. The chances of Hepatitis C are even more in HIV-positive men.

Sexual transmission is the major contributor but injection infusions and blood transfusion are also some other sources.

HIV positive men are already at a higher risk with the depreciation in their immune system.

Rectal fluid samples, despite the absence of blood in them have shown positive results for HCV in most of the cases.

The blood results of those with higher viral loads are prone to shed HCV into the rectum and at higher levels.

Rectal transmission of hep C in HIV-infected MSM is caused by sexual transmission of body fluid or abrasions.

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The occurrence of HCV is highest among MSM who have the occurrence of one or many of the following factors:

  • HIV positive

  • Engaging in unprotected anal sex

  • Drug use

  • Sex with multiple partners

  • Fisting (inserting hand into the rectum or vagina)

HIV-positive persons are invariably recommended to undergo HCV tests along with people who have elevated levels of liver enzymes.

Generally, it takes longer for antibody formation in HCV/HIV co-infected MSM. It takes around three months to diagnose the co-infection. So, researchers recommend HCV viral load testing rather than just antibody testing for faster prognosis.
In comparison to other HCV affected patients, rate of reinfection is the highest in HCV/HIV co-infected MSMs. This is a possibility regardless of a previous infection which was cleared by a strong immune response or by taking proper treatment.
Having suffered from Hepatitis C once does not guarantee a lifetime immunity to the condition specially in MSM.

Prevention is better than cure. Hence it is advisable to indulge in safe sex, take necessary precautions and spare the agony in future.


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