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Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Europe

A 2009 Grail research report says American spend more than $35 billion on medical procedures abroad. Though Asia and South America are amongst the leading choices for medical treatments, Europe is fast catching up. The new EU countries are the ones that are amongst the hottest destinations for medical treatment.
Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Latvia are the chosen destinations for medical tours in Europe. Hungary attracts a lot of tourists to its thermal springs and for orthopedic treatments, it is considered among one of the best in the region. Germany is the next upcoming location and preferred choice for dental and cosmetic surgeries.Surcation® is a certified medical tourism company providing Medical tourism services in Europe for Orthopedic,Dental,Cosmetic surgeries and Hepatitis C treatment


Ease of Travel

Europe is preferred over Asia because of the ease of travel. it takes a shorter flight to get here and the air tickets are affordableer as compared to when travelling to Asia. There is another psychological reason, people prefer Europe over Asia because still the mindset continues that infections are higher in treatments in Asia. This is of course a myth; Asia has some of the best medical centers in the world similar to Europe. Lithuania, Poland, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal have some of the best hospital and treatment facilities for dental and cosmetic treatment, while Germany, Hungary, Malta, Ukraine and Cyprus are preferred choice for orthopedic treatment.

The region is scenic and people prefer Europe to recuperate after their surgery and treatment. The best part is to get your spouse to accompany you for a very small price.

How to go about it?

Communication is our motto, hence we keep our clients in the loop about everything related to their treatment and give them a choice of some of the best doctors in the region, give an approximate estimate for the surgery and expected stay details. We discuss logistical information like airfare, ground transport and accommodation. We even help you with financing this medical tour. Contact us and book your medical adventure today!

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