All About Ethnicity/Race and Hepatitis C?

Ethnicity or race determines the predominance of HCV in the United States according to the extensive research in the field.
American Indian and natives of Alaska lead the pack in terms of significant percentage of population afflicted by hepatitis C infection.
Following them were non-Hispanic blacks but indiscriminate use of opioid has catapulted non-Hispanic whites to the second position.
Latinos and non-Hispanic blacks form the same ratio.
The least affected are Asian Pacific Islanders.

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The death rate of hepatitis C also varies according to the race/ethnicity.

American Indian/Alaska Natives lead the crop with the highest HCV related deaths followed by non-Hispanic blacks and Latinos. The lowest death rate is found in Asian Pacific Islanders. Limited avenues for health care is the primary reason for an increased mortality ratio in nonwhite groups more than the ethnic disparities.

Hepatitis C treatment relied on Interferon in earlier days. Interferons are a group of proteins that are produced and released by host cells to fight against various pathogens.
The success of Interferon treatment was altered by the individual genetic structure.
Hence African Americans responded lesser to this treatment than Caucasians.

With widespread research, the antivirals designed to cure HCV have higher rates of recovery for all, notwithstanding the race or ethnicity of the affected person.
Advancement in medical research is annulling factors like ethnicity while effectively treating people suffering from hepatitis C.


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