End-of-Life Issues and Hepatitis C

Despite of treatment and cure of hepatitis C becoming easier thanks to the new anti viral drugs being developed, complete eradication isn’t feasible. Even with treatment, there is always the risk of developing liver cirrhosis, thus fear death.

While other important events of life are planned for, death catches most of us by surprise. Key choices relating to health care, dying, or post-death provisions are usually made by others for us. While it seems morbid, just as we plan for life, we should plan ahead for death. A few resources and advance planning of health care will ensure that one’s wishes are followed, even in the eventuality of death.

Health Care: Two basic documents, or advance directives, placed on record before they are even required will make sure your wishes are carried out, whether you can communicate them at the material time or not.

  • The living will: The interventions, you may or may not want under certain medical conditions is noted herein. Covering all aspects of treatment from pain medication to feeding tubes to organ donation, the ‘living will’ can be made as specific as you desire.


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  • Durable power of attorney for health care (DPAHC): In the event that you cannot communicate your wishes at that time, the DPAHC states who you have retained as agent to carry out your wishes. The agent can only carry out your wishes, not take any decisions on your behalf.

Advance directive (AD) forms are available at hospitals and medical offices and online. AD laws differ from state to state. Make AD a part of your permanent medical record by giving a copy to your doctor, though it will come into effect only if you are unable to make your health care decisions. Keeping a card giving name of the agent, and location of your AD in your wallet or purse, periodically updating it, telling your chosen agent and others about its location are other measures you can take.

Resources: Organizations such as Aging with Dignity, Caring Connections, Funeral Consumers Alliance, U.S. Living Will Registry, and Amercian Bar Association help with AD and means to plan afterlife, deal with dying, and post death issues, hospices etc.


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