Destination Program Manager

Customized Medical Tourism Packages

We customize each and every medical adventure package to fit the needs of the individual. Our clients are offered executive suites and a guide is provided for the trip to and from the hospital. There is a void in the American medical system, we have top notch surgeries and high-end pharmaceuticals but the catch is average person cannot afford it. That is why Surcation® aims to provide best medication and treatment at affordable prices.

Destination Surcation® LLC, aims to give our clients the best and put them at ease. That’s why we have a destination program manager assigned to them the minute they sign up with us. We do not want our clients to be hassled with booking their tickets, researching and finding the best doctor in the region, finding an American accredited hospital/clinic and worry about which hotel to stay. We take care of everything from the time you contact us.

Communication, Safety and Transparency

Communication is very important to us and hence we make it a point to discuss approximate cost of surgery, duration of treatment and stay and connect them with some of the best doctors in the region; all this is done once our clients finalize the destination. We help our clients with their visa, if their chosen destination requires a visa And also provide the required recommendation letter for a medical visa. We give our clients an itinerary that contains a list of things they need to carry with them. We offer 4-star accommodation in one of the finest hotels in the region with transportation to and from the hotel to the hospital. We even offer a guided tour of the city for a small fee.

Medical Tourism the most convenient option

There is nothing easier than opting for a medical tour with us. We understand importance of family and for a reasonable fee we will let your spouse accompany you. All you do is contact us and we will get back to you with the best deals. We take care of everything, but you will have to pack your bags yourself.

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