Dental Surgeries Abroad

It is estimated that nearly 500,000 people from America travelled abroad for dental treatment in the year 2013 alone. Dental treatments are amongst the expensive treatments and most insurances do not cover it. Why put up with protruding tooth and cover your smile with your hand when you can get the treatment done in Mexico or Costa Rica for a fraction of the cost. It might seem strange to get a root canal or extraction of tooth done while holidaying in Taiwan, India or any of these exotic locations, but it is becoming a trend to opt for dental tourism and save money on treatments and holiday at the same time.


  • High quality dental care which one cannot afford back home
  • Get treated by some of the best dentist in the region
  • Costs anywhere between 40% to 70% less than treatment in America
  • You get to vacation at some of the most exotic locations
  • Get your spouse to accompany you and you get the much needed family vacation
  • Pre-booked appointment with the best doctors
  • Stay at some of the best 4 star hotels in the region
  • A case executive accompanies you and acts as your translator, guide and post treatment care

Destination Surcation® LLC

The founders of Destination Surcation® believe in providing the best hospitality and affordable treatments. From the time you contact us we aim at fulfilling each of your requirement and taking care of your needs. We start with finding some of the best dentists in the region for your treatment and convey the same to you. We partner with hospitals, clinics, doctors and surgeons who are JCI accredited, which is an American accreditation or have similar accreditations, so that you get the best treatment available. We let you choose the dentist and date of travel. We fix your appointment well in advance so all you need to do is just land in your destination, relax and meet your dentist. All bloodwork, x-ray and hospital bills are taken care of by us. We assign a case executive who meets you at the airport and handles things from there on. We take care of your flight, hotel bookings, transportation and medical bills and would suggest you get your spouse along for a small fee. we also offer to help you with financing the whole dental tour.

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