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Travel To India For Hepatitis C Cure

Is the exorbitant cost of Harvoni® in America making you think about alternatives?
Harvoni® is successful at treating Hepatitis C and keeping liver transplant at bay. Why look at alternative treatments when you can get Harvoni® at a fraction of the rate? India is the pharmaceutical capital of the world and the only country licensed to manufacture the generic version of Harvoni® the drug used to cure Hepatitis C. India is beautiful, vibrant and ‘the destination’ for Hepatitis C medical tourism.

A lot of time and consideration went into finding the right medical facility and doctors. The best accommodations we could find and the transportation guides to make the clients feel extremely secure.

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New Hepatitis C Treatment: Affordable Generic Harvoni


We provide a cost-effective solution: access to the latest hepatitis C cure.

100% LEGAL

Unlike ordering through an online pharmacy, buying the hepatitis C treatment with a doctor’s prescription in India for personal use is 100% legal.


Our customers trust us to keep their information confidential. Our goal is to make this “Medical Adventure” as seamless and affordable as possible.

Hepatitis C Medical Tourism Package India

We have put together a complete, turnkey package that will give everyone in need the ability to travel to India and receive health changing medication. The trip is 4 or 7 days and all-inclusive except for lunch and dinner meals, and site-seeing.

The package includes the following:

  1.  A round trip flight from the USA, Canada, or Latin American countries to Mumbai, India from their nearest international airport. (If the traveler requires an additional flight to an international airport that fee will be added). Travelers will be required to obtain their own passports and Indian Tourist Visa in advance of purchasing their airline tickets. We can assist in this process.
  2.  Personal pick-up at the airport and transportation to their executive suite hotel.
  3.  Pre-set medical appointments with a Doctor of Hepatology be arranged and their transportation to and from the hotel with a personal guide is included.
  4.  The doctor’s fee and blood work are all included. An MRI will be included if needed.
  5. The 84-day supply of either Sofosbuvir+Ledipasvir or Sofosbuvir+Daclatasvir as required for the patient’s genotype of HEP C is included and given to the patient after the physician’s examination. They will also receive a prescription from the Doctor.
  6.  They will be driven back to their hotel until their return flight at which transportation is provided.
  7.  A personalized itinerary will be presented to each client including items they may wish to bring with them. They may have the extra time to explore Mumbai India and enjoy the genuine hospitality of the Indian people. We refer to this as a “Medical Adventure” because India is a place that you have to experience to believe. The food is amazing, traffic is unbelievable and the sights and sounds will be memorable for a lifetime. If wanted, we will arrange for the clients can get a chauffeured automobile for an 8-hour day costing around $20.00.
  8.  A full buffet breakfast will be included for each day while at the hotel. Additional meals will the responsibility of the traveler. The hotel offers 24-hour room service. The concierge service is similar to that found in 5-star hotels in the USA. The hotel’s attention to detail and the multitude of extras, daily newspapers, all bathroom supplies, blow-dryer, iron, and refrigerator will make the guests not want to leave. Laundry service is also available at a very low cost. The rooms are also equipped with large flat screen TVs and cable service.
  9. The price for the whole package is as follows,$6,800 for one person. And an additional $1,800 to include a companion.
A word from our clients


I found out I had hep C about a couple of months ago. But I figured an extra $6,800 wasn’t going to matter when the treatment was going to be at least $30,000 and it would take at least two years to even be considered for that. It was quite an adventure going to India. Everything goes really fast but it is like having a vacation. I would suggest getting the executive package for the tests when you’re in India. That allows you to find out everything is wrong with you besides the Hep C. I also found out that I had doubt the possibility of high blood pressure and diabetes. (Also I might suggest that you get the advanced hep C tests in India.) This will save you thousands of dollars. So they put me on a strict regiment of exercise and a restricted diet. I feel so much better. The pain is mostly gone. It was well worth the risk. I got the pills that i needed that cost $84,000 in America and I got them for $900. I’m so glad that I took the chance I feel I need to payback so that’s why I’m sharing this with you.

Joey McNeill

My name is Denise,And for the last 3 years I have been going through hell Between Doctors and insurance companies telling me I didn’t qualify for Harvoni because I wasn’t sick enough,Or come back in 6 months and we will test you again Blah Blah Blah. I don’t want to wait until I have cirrhosis and liver damage. So, I decided to go through and get my cure in Mumbai, India. My life was too important to deal with constant, needless delays.I flew out of Newark, NJ on May 13th returned on May 21st from Mumbai(amazing place). I am so happy to say that I am officially Hep C Free.

Denise M./ New Jersey

My name is Lita and I live in Austin, Texas. I went to Algodones, Mexico to have dental implants. Surcation® set up my appointments and it saved me over $15,000 from what my dentist was going to charge me in Austin. They were also very helpful in making me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. I would certainly recommend to anyone needing medical or dental care.
Thank you Surcation®  for all your help


My name is Mary and I travelled to India by myself. I was extremely anxious before going but when I got there and was greeted by my guides from Surcation and everything was great. The hotel and room was wonderful. And the service was incredible, I felt like a Queen. It was a “trip of a lifetime”. I had no problems returning with my medications. So, to put mind at ease the Indian people were very hospitable and welcoming. I highly recommend Surcation and wish you the best of luck on receiving your treatments.


Why Surcation® LLC

Destination Surcation® LLC is a certified medical tourism specialist. We are a prominent member of the MTA (Medical Tourism Association) and intend to offer transparency and the best technology and treatments to our clients. Some of the features that we offer are as follows

Reputed Doctors

Surcation® works with American accredited (JCI) accredited hospitals and clinics. We have done our research and have partnered with some of the best doctors, facilitators and specialists in India.

Healthcare is our motto

Surcation® literally means survivors vacation and we were founded with the aim to fill the void in American healthcare caused by the escalating cost of medicines and procedures. We offer the same quality of medicine as you would get in America in a country of your choosing and at almost 1/3rd the cost.

Always there for you

The minute you contact us, we as the facilitator designate a program manager who helps you with the approximate cost of treatment, choice of doctor and hospitals, expected duration of stay, logistical information, logistical information, transport and if visa is required we offer recommendation letter for medical visa.

Premium Facilities

All the hotels, resorts and facilities provided are tourist class. We offer the highest quality of tourism services at afordable costs.

Destination Mumbai

Mumbai being capital city of India, has many tourist places to visit, there are very nice sightseeing, attractions in Mumbai accompanied with world class hotels and hospitals available for any emergencies.

Money Saver

By choosing a medical adventure with us you save as much as 70% of what you would spend in the US. The best part is you get to vacation while undergoing therapy for Hepatitis C.

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