Cosmetic Surgeries Abroad

With insurance costs increasing faster than wages, and getting medical treatment is becoming more and more expensive. And if you want to get a cosmetic surgery, that’s it, it remains a dream. Medical tourism offers a much deserved relief and what’s better to get a vacation while you are getting treated!

Rhinoplasty in Taiwan

Taiwan offers some of the best medical services with hospitals that maintain international standard. The savings by choosing Taiwan for surgery and treatment is anywhere between 40% and 70%. Taiwan ranks third in the world for the medical acumen and offers some of the best hospitals and medical practitioners. Get that perfect nose that you always wanted that too done by some of the best in the world at a fraction of the cost!

Curves in Brazil

Rhinoplasty, bariatric surgery of breast implants ­­– Brazil is the one stop destination for all your cosmetic needs. Brazil houses the most number of cosmetic surgeons and the most renowned ones at that. Why not get the surgery done by the best, at a fraction of the cost and later flaunt your newly acquired looks at Copa Cabana beach?
Brazil is the country that ranks first for butt augmentation and second for breast augmentation. This country loves its buxom women who flaunt their beautiful bodies in the beaches. The surgeries start at $5000 for augmentation and this is inclusive of the flight, stay in a fancy, luxurious hotel and the medical costs. Use those upcoming vacation days to head to Brazil and get the look that you want coupled with a lavish vacation.

Medical Tourism Association

We are also members of the Medical Tourism Association. Medical Tourism Association is the world’s first membership based international non-profit trade association for medical tourism. The members of MTA include top international hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies. The sole purpose of this association is to ensure that the highest level of quality of healthcare is provided to patients in a world-class environment. The Medical Tourism Association has three main goals that include providing Transparency in Quality and Pricing, Communication and Education.

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