Hepatitis C USA – Cirrhosis, Liver Cancer, HCV

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Complications Of Hepatitis C

If left untreated, hepatitis C often causes scarring of the liver (cirrhosis). It can take over 20 years before you feel any symptoms though. Different things can increase the threat of cirrhosis, including:

  • Drinking alcohol-Complication of Hep C

    Drinking alcohol

  • Diabetes Leads to hep C

    Having type 2 diabetes

  • hep C

    Getting hepatitis C

  • HIV - Reasons for Hep C

HIV or another sort of hepatitis, for instance, hepatitis B

Inconveniences Of Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Leads to Cirrhosis

In case you have cirrhosis, the scarred tissue in your liver gradually replaces sound tissue and shields the liver from working honestly. There are a couple of reactions in the beginning periods. In any case, as your liver loses its ability to work truly, you may be understanding:

tiredness and weakness
loss of motivation
weight loss
irritated skin
sensitive stomach
yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice)

Other than a liver transplant, there’s no cure for cirrhosis. Nevertheless, lifestyle measures and hepatitis C prescriptions can help stop further damage.

Hepatitis C leads to Liver Failure

In genuine cases of cirrhosis, the liver loses most or the lion’s share of its abilities. This is known as liver failure or liver disease. Around 1 in every 20 people with hepatitis-related cirrhosis will experience liver failure. Signs of liver failure include:

male pattern baldness
development of liquid in the legs, lower legs, and feet (edema)
development of liquid in your abdomen (ascites)
dull pee
visit nosebleeds and draining gums
a propensity to get cuts and scrapes

It’s typical to live with liver failure over a significant drawn-out period of time. Regardless, a liver transplant will be needed in the future if the hep c virus is not killed.


Chronic HCV is not the only cause of cirrhosis. There are many reasons for this infectious liver disease. Other conditions like alcoholism, autoimmune disorders, Hepatitis B and other causes can also lead to cirrhosis.


Liver Cancer

People who have cirrhosis because of HCV have a greater risk of liver cancer. The incidence of liver cancer is increasing in the U.S. Among the cause of cancer deaths in men, liver cancer ranks number five and among women, it is ranked number eight.

Liver Cancer

Liver Transplant

In a few cases, HCV leads to liver cancer or severe damage to the liver thereby leading to end of a stage in liver disease and finally failure of the liver. The only treatment that will then be effective is a transplant of the liver.

Liver Transplant

Other Complications Of Hepatitis C

Primarily, HCV is a liver disease; still the virus can cause other medical problems. These are called as extrahepatic manifestations because they happen outside the liver. We have not been able to discover all the ways that HCV affects the body, here are some that we do know about.

Complications Of Hepatitis C

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