Cure for Hepatitis C USA – Facts,Risks,Treatments

Hepatitis C, a deadly infection that attacks the liver, is known for sending many people to hospital to treat their liver infection or transplant the organ. One can get infected with Hepatitis C after coming in contact with blood that is infected with the virus. Some people even get the infection when they have a tattoo with unhygienic needle. There are also people who reported receiving the virus through sex.

Although Hepatitis C is a dangerous disease and pose threat to liver, it could be treated with some effective cures that have been found recently. Today, the infection is being treated with some special kinds of medicines and procedures. But a few years ago, Hepatitis C treatment involved painful injections and shots that had various types of side-effects. Many patients who used these traditional treatment methods also claimed that they didn’t experience benefits. Several of them were also forced to live with the medicines’ side effects.

Seeing the ill effects of traditional treatments, pharmaceutical sector kept on looking for new, effective treatment options. Medical arena gets a breakthrough when researchers found a revolutionary pill, which is not just easy-to-take, but effective and with minimal side-effects too. Researches didn’t end here, and several pharma giants found various hepatitis C virus cures since 2014, and they are still working to find more treatments.

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Tattoos and Hepatitis C: What Are the Risks?

Hepatitis C can be transmitted through unsterile tattooing but the exact percentage of people contracting infection through tattooing is unclear.
There are a few things that one needs to know in order to avoid giving or getting hep C through tattooing.

Hepatitis C and Tattoos infection

What’s the Real Risk of Hepatitis Infection

The paranoia among people about hepatitis outbreak is forcing them to get tested. But what are odds that these “at-risk“people will actually get infected?

Hepatitis Infection Risk

The 2016 Hepatitis C Drug Approval Outlook

2016 has been a remarkable year in the expansion of treatment for hepatitis C with many regimens awaiting FDA approval.

Hep C Drug Approval

Hep C Relapses Are Uncommon Among Those Proclaimed Cured

According to Reuters report, HCV patients achieve SVR 12 (sustained virologic response 12 weeks after completing treatment) and have minimal chances of a relapse. But there are a certain percentage of people who are at a risk of re-infection.

hep C recurrence

What Kind of Doctor Should You See For Hepatitis C Treatment?

Hepatologists or gastroenterologists are the preferred specialists to treat hepatitis C. Those who are coinfected with HIV consult their HIV specialist for treatment .

specialists in hep c treatment

Does Hepatitis C treatment put you at risk for Hepatitis B reactivation?

The U.S, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning to patients getting treated for hepatitis C. According to this prominent,“boxed“ warning, they are at a risk for reactivation of hepatitis B virus.

risk factor

The importance of support with Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C affects your body and mind. Once diagnosed, the social stigma surrounding the disease leaves you helpless and desolate.However, a positive attitude to life in general will aid you in tiding over these turbulent times.

Importance of support system

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