All About Caregivers and Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C not only affects the concerned person but it also leaves the family and friends scarred.

Their feelings are intensified if people undergoing treatment have advanced liver disease or require liver transplant.

Caregivers are generally people who live with an HCV-positive person.

They provide assistance to such patients.

Family members, friends and some in the social circles of the individual assume the role of caregivers.

It is usually an unpaid, humanitarian service that many a time involves round-the-clock assistance.

Caregivers stand the risk of losing their income from work as their focus is not on their profession and they may also spend out of pocket while assisting the infected person.

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Caregivers are expected to help with medications, arrange for appointments and deal with mood swings. Caring for loved ones who are going through turbulent times can be distressing.
They are expected to set aside their own priorities and indulge in physically and mentally demanding tasks to assist their loved ones. The stress involved can take a toll on the caregiver’s health. At times they themselves take ill, adding to the woes.
The act of caring stirs up the emotions in the caregivers and the feeling of helplessness and despair is inevitable. Caring for someone who is chronically ill shakes their self-belief.

Learning a few basic facts about hep C will help one in becoming an effective caregiver.
Seeking permission to go along for medical appointments will also aid in a better understanding of the disease and its effects.

Open communication is the best way to gauge the mood swings of your loved ones.
A caregiver may persuade the affected person to join a support group for additional assistance. They also need to take care of themselves to avoid caregivers’ burnout which is fairly common due to the overwhelming responsibility bestowed upon them.


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