Elderly Care Assisted Living in Mexico

Receive compassionate care for your beloveds in Mexico

Assisted Living Facilities in Mexico

Long term senior citizen care options have existed in the US for ages but unfortunately some are just not affordable. An assisted living residence should provide personal care support services such as meals, medication management, bathing, dressing and transportation.

Why Mexico?

There are several assisted living facilities that are emerging in Mexico. Mexico offers some of the  best high-quality hosing at a lower cost to you. Along with great weather all year, beautiful locations, fresh wholesome food, and caring people. Mexico also has a very good health care program.

Affordable Assisted Care

Currently there is no federal program to help elderly with assisted living in the US and the facilities available are extremely expensive. Some pay more than $3,500 per month. Compare this to an assisted living facilities in Mexico. They are more feasible at costs between $1000 to $1700 and ideal for people surviving on social security. Also in this region, the culture demands respects to the elderly, unlike US and Canada, making an elderly feeling wanted in this region.
The warmth and care the people show to their elderly is amazing. The minimal labor costs ensure that the prices are low and you can in fact afford a maid who can do some cooking and laundry one day a week or more, which is not uncommon. You may even opt for full-time care from a licensed nurse and this will just cost you around $600 per month.


Still worried?

Worried about crime rate? The crime rate depends on the region where you move. We have done research to determine safe assisted neighborhoods? Destination Surcation® LLC, helps you finding the best assisted living in the region.
The most daunting task will be deciding to move from your home to this new country. What awaits you is amazing fresh food, quality of life and high quality personal care coupled with the warmth and care of the loving people here.

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