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Certified Medical Tourism Company USA

Surcation® is a certified Medical Tourism company in USA. We are an American based company and we provide the best treatment for orthopedic, cosmetic and Hepatitis C at the fraction of a cost. Medical Tourist offers you the best treatment and medicines at affordable prices, at a destination and time of your choice.

Medical Tourism Association

We are members of Medical Tourism Association that works with hospitals, healthcare providers, medical travel facilitators, insurance companies, and other affiliated companies and members with the common goal of promoting the highest level of quality of healthcare to patients. MTA is a non-profit association for medical tourism and the global healthcare industry. MTA ensures best practices and patient safety. They ensure transparency about the quality of healthcare that can be found in each country. As a member of MTA we ensure you transparency, best quality treatment and medication.
We have partnered with some of the best doctors who are world renowned and hospitals that offer state-of-the-art technology and the latest amenities to match their counterpart in America.

Cost Effective Treatment

Medical tourism is exploding as an industry globally and we had the insight in place to help our clients today. We at Surcation® realized that there is void in the American medical system, though we have top-notch treatment and medicine but the cost makes it unaffordable to most. In most cases the surgeries and treatments aren’t covered by insurance or Medicare doesn’t have access to the best treatment available. Our aim is to provide the best possible treatment which is why we have partnered with some of the best hospitals and doctors around the world to provide exceptional treatment at affordable rates to our clients.
Once you contact us with the destination you have in and the surgery or treatment that you require we get the wheels in motion, we arrange for everything from your air tickets, your hospital bills, your hotel stay, even your medication. We are all for family, and your spouse or partner accompanying you on your journey at a nominal fee. Just contact us and let us take care of your health.

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