How Hepatitis C Spreads?

HIV and hepatitis C coinfection can be normal. Somewhere in the range of 50 to 90 percent of individuals who utilize IV sedates and have HIV additionally have hepatitis C. This is on account of the two conditions have comparative hazard factors, including needle sharing and unprotected sex.

On the off chance that you got a blood transfusion, blood items, or an organ transplant before June 1992, you might be in danger for HCV. Before this time, blood tests weren’t as distressed to HCV, so it’s conceivable to have gotten contaminated blood or tissue. The individuals who got coagulating factors before 1987 are likewise in danger.
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Hepatitis C Progression

The fact that one is infected with Hepatitis C (HCV) need not always mean that one can be afflicted with a liver disease. It takes many years, sometimes, even decades for Hepatitis C to bring about life-threatening diseases of the liver.

Hepatitis c Progression

Hepatitis C Transmission and Risks

When the blood of a person infected with Hepatitis C (HCV) is transmitted into the blood of an uninfected person, the infection spreads.

Hepatitis C is transmitted or spread when the blood from a Hepatitis C-polluted individual enters the circulatory arrangement of some individual who is not debased. Today, by far most wind up detectably polluted with HCV by sharing needles or other equipment to inject drugs.

Hepatitis c Transmission

Hepatitis C Symptoms

Only a small fraction of people in the acute phase of Hepatitis C, about 25%, really feel any of the symptoms of infection like fatigue, decrease in appetite, nausea, jaundice (skin and eye turning yellow).

Hepatitis c symptoms

Hepatitis C Prevention

Despite all the medical advancements, there still is no vaccine for Hepatitis C. There are, however, steps that one can take to prevent transmission or to protect oneself and others from being infected.

Hepatitis C is a noiseless illness and in about 80% of the cases the side effects don’t show by any stretch of the imagination. there is a great deal of myth and dread around what causes Hepatitis C here are a rundown of things that don’t bring about safety measures to prevent Hepatitis C to be taken.

Hepatitis c prevention

Hepatitis C Testing

If you feel that you are at risk of infection of Hepatitis C, then the next step would be to test yourself for the same. The test is conducted in three parts.

Hepatitis c testing

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