Alcohol and Drugs and Hepatitis C

No matter what we eat, drink, inhale, inject, smoke or use on the skin, the liver deals with it, processing all it can, metabolising or throwing out substances which may be harmful. Drugs – irrespective of whether it is contraband, prescription or non prescription – and Alcohol both stress the liver. And if already ailing from hepatitis C, smoking nicotine or marijuana also harms the liver.

Drugs: Drugs increase the HCV transmission risk, besides damaging the liver. Apart from the drug itself, HCV can also spread through needles and syringes, straws used for inhaling drugs, filters, cookers, surface on which drug is mixed, water used in preparation etc. Sharing drug apparatus also spreads HCV.

Stopping use of drugs (contraband) is one way of safe guarding one’s liver and cutting down the chances of contracting or spreading HCV. If one must use drugs, mitigate the risk by using new syringes/needles, clean water, cooker, filter etc; not sharing needles or drug preparing apparatus; ensuring clean, infection free surface and safe disposal of used syringes and needles.


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Studies show that liver damage, HCV replication, and possibility of developing cirrhosis increase with alcohol intake. Alcohol aids hep C growth, increasing the danger of fibrosis. Avoid alcohol to protect liver when you have hep C, more so if undergoing treatment for HCV (the aim of which is to prevent hepatitis C from replicating). U.S. Department of Health and Human Services advise one drink/two drinks per day for women/men respectively. Abstaining during the week and drinking in excess over weekends is not a solution. Seek medical help if required. Post treatment and recovery, abstaining from alcohol is advised to protect the liver.


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