About us

Surcation® is not just another medical tourism company, we want to take healthcare to the next level while ensuring that the quality of healthcare is not comprised and the price is affordable.

Why Destination Surcation® LLC

We want to offer the best healthcare and treatment to our clients at affordable rates while taking them through a fantastic journey in a destination of their choice. Destination Surcation® LLC is a certified medical tourism specialist. We are a prominent member of the MTA (Medical Tourism Association) and intend to offer transparency and the best technology and treatments to our clients. Some of the features that we offer are as follows:

Reputed Doctors

Surcation® works with American (JCI) accredited hospitals and clinics. We have done our research and have partnered with some of the best doctors, facilitators and specialists in the destinations that we offer.

Premium Facilities

For surgeries, we use only JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals. We offer the highest quality of treatment and medication at affordable prices.

Healthcare our motto

Surcation® literally means surgical vacation and we were founded with the aim to fill the void in American health care system caused by the escalating cost of medicines and procedures. We offer the same quality of medicine as you would receive in America at a country of your choosing and at almost 1/3rd the cost.

Exotic Locations

We offer some of the most exotic locations to our clients because we want them to have a medical adventure and not just treatment. We offer places like Thailand, Taiwan, India, North and South America and Europe too.

Always there for you

The minute you contact us, we as the facilitator designate a program manager who helps you with the approximate cost of treatment, choice of doctor and hospitals, expected duration of stay, logistical information, transportation and assistance obtaining a visa if required.

Money Saver

By choosing a medical adventure with us you save as much as 70% of what you would spend in the US. The best part is you get to vacation in the destination of your choice as well as get treatment or surgery while you are there.


Who we are

We were formed in February, 2014 in Yuma, Arizona by Keith and Kim Salvato. We launched our website in February 2015 and we received a trademark in 2016.

What we do

We provide the best treatment and surgeries for our clients at affordable prices. We ensure that all our clients get the best medical attention through our medical tours.

Who we sell to

We offer our services to everyone who travels aboard and wants to save money on medical treatments whether in the US or abroad. We offer highest quality medicine at affordable rates.

Management team

The Management Team at Surcation® is comprised of experts in their fields in the United States of America, Thailand, Mexico, India, Costa Rica and France.
You can’t be properly represented unless you are well established on an international level. You and your needs are Surcation’s number one priority.

Surcation is a trademark of Destination Surcations, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
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