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We are an American based,  owned and operated Medical tourism company, aimed at providing the best treatments and vacations available.


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We created Surcation® with the aim of filling the void in North and South American health care sytems and provide world-class treatment and medications at affordable rates.


Quality of Care

We have partnered with world renowned hospitals and doctors from India, Thailand, Taiwan, Mexico, USA and many more countries.


Destination Program Managers

We customize each and every medical adventure package to fit the needs of the individual.


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We are a certified medical tourism company and are registered with the Medical Tourism Association or MTA. We specialize in offering tours for the best treatment for Hepatitis C, and even cater to your cosmetic, dental or orthopedic needs at affordable rates.


Can Hepatitis C Be Cured?

Yes it can! Hep C treatments today are shorter and more effective than before. We deliver high quality and low cost medical treatment solutions for Hepatitis C. In 2007, Hepatitis C patients expired at a middle age of 57. That is 20 years shorter than the normal US life expectancy. A late study extends that around 45% of untreated patients would create cirrhosis by 2030. Cirrhosis can prompt to liver tumor. Hepatitis C is the main source of liver cancer and liver transplants. Surcation® is already helping patients whose insurance doesn’t cover the cost of Harvoni® with medical tourism. Contact us today for getting a value for offer on Hep C treatments.

Know more about Hepatitis C, its symptoms, treatments and cure

Hep C progression is different for different person. By the time you notice symptoms, your liver damage is already advanced. Many factors can help aggravate Hep C infection to liver damage, like:

Hepatitis C Transmission

When the blood of a person infected with Hepatitis C (HCV) is transmitted into the blood of an uninfected person, the infection spreads.The easiest ways for Hepatitis C to spread is through direct blood-to-blood contact like Sharing needles, toothbrush & razor, Unsterilized tattoo tool.

Hepatitis C Symptoms

Hepatitis C is a quiet malady—many individuals do not feel any symptoms for years, however the infection never stops. Few symptoms of Hepatitis C are fever, fatigue, yellowing of the skin or eyes (jaundice), loss of appetite, Nausea/vomiting, gray-colored bowel movements.

Hepatitis C Effects & Damages

People who have cirrhosis because of HCV have a greater risk of liver cancer. The incidence of liver cancer is increasing in the United States. Among the cause of cancer deaths in men, liver cancer ranks number five and among women, death due to liver cancer is ranked number eight.

Hepatitis C & various people

Prevalence of hepatitis C is the highest in people born between 1945 and 1965 who are called baby bloomers.It is curable but unfortunately goes undiagnosed most of the time. A record number of ageing population will be living with HCV if the ongoing pattern continues.
Affordable Generic Harvoni®




We provide a cost-effective solution: access to the latest hepatitis C cure.

100% LEGAL

Unlike ordering through online pharmacy, buying the hepatitis C cure with doctor’s prescription in India for personal use is 100% legal.


Our customers trust us to keep their information confidential. Our goal is to make this “Medical Adventure” as seamless and affordable as possible.

Hepatitis C treatment has evolved with time at very dramatic and surprising levels. From a journey that started with frequent injections and multiple pills treatments with an overload of side effects to a single pill a day treatment and minimal side effects such as headache and fatigue- the entire process has been quite a miracle. Advances in new drugs have made the Hepatitis C treatment side effects almost negligible. After Interferon and Ribavirin, FDA approved Harvoni® which contains Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir. Harvoni® is significantly useful in curing Hepatitis C genotype 1. Genotype HCV is the most commonly form Hep C in the entire USA. Although it does not cure genotype 2,3,4 or 5 Hep c virus, but among genotype 1 patients, this has worked like a wonder drug. The side effects of Harvoni® are significantly lower compared to Interferon and Ribavirin.

Harvoni® is successful at treating Hepatitis C and keeping liver transplant at bay. Why look at alternative treatments when you can get Harvoni® at a fraction of the rate? India is the pharmaceutical capital of the world and the only country licensed to manufacture generic version of Harvoni® the drug used to cure Hepatitis C. India is beautiful, vibrant and ‘the destination’ for Hepatitis C medical tourism.

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If you are faced with paying for a medical procedure out of pocket, Surcation® may be the answer.

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Lita D.

My name is Lita and I live in Austin, Texas. I went to Algodones, Mexico to have dental implants. Surcation® set up my appointments and it saved me over $15,000 from what my dentist was going to charge me in Austin. They were also very helpful in making me feel comfortable throughout the procedure. I would certainly recommend Surcation.com to anyone needing medical or dental care.
Thank you Surcation®  for all your help
Lita D.
Austin, Texas

My name is Mary and I travelled to India by myself. I was extremely anxious before going but when I got there and was greeted by my guides from Surcation and everything was great. The hotel and room was wonderful. And the service was incredible, I felt like a Queen. It was a “trip of a lifetime”. I had no problems returning with my medications.So, to put mind at ease the Indian people were very hospitable and welcoming. I highly recommend Surcation and wish you the best of luck on receiving your treatments.

Best Wishes,

Mary,  from Mississippi

I found out I had hep C about a couple of months ago. I admit I was anxious about through….But I figured an extra $5,200 wasn’t going to matter when the treatment was going to be at least $30,000 and it would take at least two years to even be considered for that. It was quite an adventure going to India. Everything goes really fast but it is like having a vacation. I would suggest getting the executive package for the tests when you’re in India. That allows you to find out everything is wrong with you besides the Hep C. I also found out that I had doubt the possibility of high blood pressure and diabetes. (Also I might suggest that you get the advanced hep C tests in India.) This will save you thousands of dollars. So they put me on a strict regiment of exercise and a restricted diet. I feel so much better. The pain is mostly gone. It was well worth the risk. I got the pills that i needed that cost $84,000 in America and I got them for $900. I’m so glad that I took the chance I feel I need to payback so that’s why I’m sharing this with you. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me or Keith Salvato, or Nirav Sangoi. They are really good people and they will help you to get through this. Listen to what they say no matter how weird it might seem at the time. They’ve been through this and they know what they’re talking about. It really is true. The most important investment you will make in your life is your health. I see that now. I feel for your pain and I wish you the best of luck. Again if you need any help just let me know an I’ll try to help you with this the best I can thanks bye.

Joey McNeill

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